Soil Redox probes, drill sets, accessories and upcoming products. Affordable high-quality products for your environmental research.

Soil redox probes

  •     High-frequent analysis of Redox and temperature
  •     4 standard versions (3 x SDI-12 and 1 x analog)
  •     Integrated double-junction reference electrode
  •     Custom-made probes upon request
  •     Various outputs: SDI-12, 0-1 Volt and 4-20 mA  
Soil Redox probe drill set - short and long version with non-repercussion hammer | SWAP instruments

Drill set

  •     Install Redox probes with minimal soil disturbance
  •     Use our 60 or 100 cm long pre-drill probes
  •     With anti-recoil hammer
  •     Easy installation and retrieval
  •     For the best monitoring results
Soil Redox probe accessories: reference electrode, filling solution, cable extensions and SDI-12 WiFi interface | SWAP instruments


  •     Standalone double-junction reference electrode
  •     Cable extensions
  •     Electrolyte for reference electrode
  •     SWAP wireless interface
Soil Redox probes upcoming products: soil ph probe, data logger, smartphone app, data cloud services | SWAP instruments

Upcoming products

  •     pH sensor for soil pH analysis (SDI-12 and analog)
  •     SWAP telemetric datalogger 
  •     SWAP mobile phone app
  •     SWAP cloud

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