We are currently developing new soil sensors and related products.
Solid state soil pH probe with embedded electronics

pH sensor  

  •     Solid state pH
  •     Integrated:                      temperature sensor      reference electrode 
  •     SDI-12 
  •     Expected Q2 2022                       
Telemetric logger for SDI-12, analog and digital environmental sensors

SWAP data logger

  •     Telemetric logger
  •     SDI-12, analog,                digital 
  •     app control
  •     IP67
  •     Expected Q2 2022 
Smartphone app for SWAP sensors - for measurements and calibration

SWAP mobile app

  •     SWI control
  •     Data readout and          cloud storage
  •     Bluetooth
  •     Android
  •     Available for SWI
SWAP cloud for data storage

SWAP cloud

  •     Data reports
  •     Protected data               cloud
  •      Mail data download
  •      Automatic upload
  •     Available for SWI  

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